Ahh, springtime. Birds singing, 9pm sunsets, and – ktshhhhh – what was that? That’s the sound of an ice cold can of 14 Hands Pinot Grigio being enjoyed wherever beer cans were previously hogging all the fun.

Just in time for summer, 14 Hands has launched Bubbles, Rosé, Pinot Grigio, and Hot to Trot red blend varietals in cans, along with a launch campaign from C+F that puts a fresh spin on wine advertising.

The strategy: You can enjoy 14 Hands wine wherever you were previously limited to beer. Using that as our springboard, Grab a Wineski™ was born.

After a social deep dive, it became clear that most canned wine brands were leaning into a very “curated aesthetic,” something you’d see with #LiveFolk. So we wanted to make sure 14 Hands Wine in a can stuck out in the rapidly growing market. And with the recent “beer wars,” we saw an opportunity to bring wine into a space so often dominated by beer.

From there, the team set out to spoof some of the most iconic beer ads of our time, replacing beer with wine in cans and giving the spots a modern vibe.

The campaign is running nationally on digital channels as well as social, with a push from influencers who will support the campaign with #GrabAWineski elements.

You can read the full write-up at Adweek.