• Hire People Who Act Like Scientists, Not Politicians
  • Hire Scientists, Not Politicians
Mike Hayward

Exec. Creative Director

Black and white image of scientists.

We have a great track record of new hires here at C+F because of the kind of team members we surround ourselves with: smart, talented people who act like scientists, not politicians.

What do I mean by that? Politicians often:

  1. Decide their stance on issues early.
  2. Look for data solely to support their position and refuse to change when confronted with new facts.
  3. Share their opinions mostly with those who already agree with them.
  4. Choose a party to align themselves with and then insist their party is right in every situation, all the time.
  5. Hamper progress rather than accept a great idea from someone across the aisle.
  6. Don’t care how much it costs to implement their ideas.
  7. Rarely take blame for failings or say, “I was wrong.”
  8. Think it’s all about winning and losing.

On the flip side, most scientists:

  1. Let research be their guide, and dive deep into a subject before presenting a point of view.
  2. Develop theories, test those theories, then are honest about the results, admitting when something won’t work or isn’t working.
  3. Adjust their thinking as new data comes to light.
  4. Share their ideas freely with those inside and outside of their circle, and welcome feedback and suggestions.
  5. Build off of and cheer on the great work of others, knowing great ideas can come from anywhere.
  6. Like to experiment and know there’s much to learn from failure.
  7. Don’t get possessive or defensive when discussing their ideas.
  8. Know that no one succeeds alone; breakthrough thinking take a true team of experts working together.

If that sounds like the kind of team you’d like to work with, we just happen to be hiring. Long-winded, big ego narcissists need not apply. Or climate change deniers. Because c’mon already.