Andrew Gall

Group Creative Director

As client budgets continue to shrink, agencies will need to continue doing more with less. Which makes a potential partnership with a like-minded company a useful way to amplify an idea with a tiny budget.

Seattle Goodwill and Seattle Humane are two companies with admirable missions. For Seattle Goodwill, it’s connecting people with jobs and services. For Seattle Humane, it’s promoting the human-animal bond by saving and serving pets in need.

Our client Seattle Goodwill came to us with a challenge: Seattle Goodwill’s online presence on eBay is a huge revenue generator for the company—and it’s only growing. But awareness is low, and Goodwill didn’t have a huge budget to promote it.

So we knew that anything we did needed to demand attention. And what demands attention more than anything else on the Internet?

Cats. The preferred pet of America, as well as the digital realms.

So we partnered with Seattle Humane to create Purrfect Pairs, the world’s first ever Facebook Live cat fashion show. The event featured all kinds of online auction items to bid on, along with adoptable felines, in one special 90-minute broadcast.

Leading up to the event, we worked with both organizations to promote the event on their social channels, and thousands tuned into the broadcast—with an average video watch time of 47 minutes! Within a week, half the cats featured had been adopted, and auction items featured during the broadcast sold for nearly 20% higher than average. Most importantly, we put the Goodwill eBay store on the map in a big way.

Purrfect Pairs was more than just a cat fashion show with a purpose. It was a demonstration that a world where ideas need to outwork their budget in order to make an impact, the right partner can make all the difference.