Kris Dangla

Director of Production

In recent years, our industry has seen agencies increasingly offer production services—everything from shooting to editorial, and post production. And as that’s happened, there have been situations where some agencies ask for inflated bids from external production vendors for the sole purpose of undercutting those costs and securing the work for themselves.

This was detailed in a recent report by the Association of National Advertisers.

As the Director of Production at Copacino+Fujikado, with a background as an Executive Producer for independent production companies, I wanted to respond to this report in no uncertain terms: This practice is unethical and devastating to the bottom line of many independent production service providers.

There are many types of production projects that come to C+F.  Some with very small budgets and some with larger budgets.  We assess who is the best team to execute on an assignment (internal or external) and then move forward with determining costs. C+F has never engaged in this price-fixing behavior, nor will it.

A healthy, robust production community benefits us all. C+F values the production community and their contributions to our industry and will always maintain a fair and ethical stance when it comes to evaluating who is best for a project, even when it means, not choosing our own internal team.