• International Women's Day at Copacino+Fujikado


March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness of inequalities globally and locally. We also want to recognize it here at Copacino+Fujikado.

C+F is honoring and celebrating the incredible contributions of the women of C+F, who make up 61 percent of our office. Our main conference room is being reserved where we’ll stream TED Talks from women leaders. There will be some great presentations that we can all learn a lot from.

Additionally, we’re shedding light on a pervasive issue that continues to affect working women in this country. The women of C+F are welcome to leave for the day one-hour and 36-minutes early. That’s a six-hour and 24-minute work day. That’s exactly 80.5 percent of a normal workday, which represents the average gender wage gap in the U.S. — women currently earn just 80.5 cents to every $1 a man earns.

Part of creating a diverse and equitable workplace is representation, but we know that’s not enough. Equitable pay must be a part of it, too. Earlier this year, we enlisted the expertise of an outside consultant to collect qualitative and quantitative information to ensure we are providing fair wages without gender bias.

We’ll do all these things and more because it’s the right thing to do, and we’re serious about our commitment to equality and representation.

If you have a moment, we also highly recommend checking out this site which includes a lot of information about what’s happening around the world on International Women’s Day. There are three events happening in Seattle. If we can end with a personal recommendation, try to get into the screening of the documentary about one of the most badass women in this country: RBG.

Photo: Miguel Bruna / Unsplash